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Concordia School Board is debt-free and nearly fully staffed

Published on Monday, 24 June 2024, 10:57

VIDALIA, Louisiana – Concordia Parish schools are debt-free, school officials happily announced to attendees at the regular school board meeting Thursday evening.

“Our superintendent is happy to have good news… We don't owe anyone anything,” said Tom O'Neal, director of business affairs for the Concordia Parish School Board. “I don't know how many other school systems in the state can say that. It's taken a long time, but right now we're debt-free. We don't know what the future holds, but it gives us some flexibility that we might not have otherwise.”

After many years, the school board recently repaid its 2009 qualified school construction bond, which was originally in the amount of $1,811,900 and was payable from a commitment from the school board's ad valorem tax millage, O'Neal said.

In addition, Superintendent Toyua Bachus congratulated Rhonda Moore and the Human Resources Department for their work in staffing the schools for the upcoming school year.

In April, the school district held a job fair to publicize its need for teachers, administrative staff, maintenance personnel, food service workers and accountants.

In the two months since then, school officials have announced that they are now almost fully staffed.

“I want to publicly thank you for all the work that has been done since the job fair and for putting on such a wonderful job fair,” Bachus said. “I like to have my hand in everything, but in this case, I just showed up. We are 92% done with staffing. We have more certified applicants than ever before. All of the Ferriday schools are fully staffed. We were even able to diversify some of our schools. We look forward to next year and I want to publicly thank our team for everything they have done to make this possible.”