Volunteers rescue injured rider at Hansen Dam

Hansen Dam Trail Watch volunteers were on wildfire patrol around 11:45 a.m. when they spotted a distressed rider who reportedly fell off her horse after it became spooked. (LAIT911 Fire)

An injured rider was discovered during a routine fire department patrol at Hansen Dam in Pacoima on Sunday.

According to a press release from the nonprofit organization LAIT911, volunteers with the Hansen Dam Trail Watch were on wildfire patrol around 11:45 a.m. when they discovered a distressed rider who had reportedly fallen from her horse after it became frightened.

The rider, an unidentified woman, was unable to walk and showed “visible signs” of severe pain, LAIT911 Fire said.

“Volunteers quickly assessed the situation and immediately administered first aid,” the nonprofit organization's press release said. “They stabilized the injured rider's condition and moved her off-trail so she could be further evaluated by LAFD paramedics.”

When the woman was taken to the Hansen Dam Ranger Station, paramedics gave her a thorough examination. Although she reported her tailbone felt like it had shattered, she refused medical attention and was released against her advice, officials said.

The frightened horse, which was not injured, was found by a member of the group it was riding with and led off the trail.

LAIT911 is a public, nonprofit organization of trained volunteers dedicated to disaster prevention and mitigation in Los Angeles.