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He attempted to return to his accommodation on foot in 11 hours, but in his last phone call to a friend he reported that he was disoriented, had run out of water and his phone battery was almost dead.

The last time his friends saw Jay was on Sunday, June 16th at the NRG Festival. This is what we currently know about his last known whereabouts and the search for him.

On Sunday afternoon, Jay visits the NRG Festival in the south of Tenerife with a group of friends. He then travels to the north-western mountain village of Masca with two people he met at the festival.

Monday, around 8 a.m. – Ofelia Medina Hernandez, the last known person to speak to Jay, tells him that the bus will arrive at 10 a.m., as he asked. He leaves, and she reports that she later “quickly” passed him.

Monday, 8.15am – He calls his girlfriend Lucy Law and claims he is disorientated while trying to walk from Masca to his hotel in Los Cristianos in the south.

Monday, 8:50 a.m. – His last live performance was in the Park Rural de Teno, a mountain resort popular with hikers.

Monday, 9:04 a.m. – He is reported missing.

Last call: 1% battery life remaining

Jay's girlfriend Lucy Law was the last person to speak to him. She claims he contacted her on Monday morning and told her he was disorientated, needed water and his phone was only at one percent charge.

Why did he walk?

“They told me he had spoken to the neighbours and they had told him that there was a bus back to Los Cristianos every ten minutes,” she said.

“The bus stop was right next to the house. So if he had taken the bus, he would not have gotten lost, because it [the stop] was visible from the front door.”