Man throws millions of dollars out of his house like garbage

Many people dedicate themselves tirelessly day and night to earn money and improve their quality of life. However, the pursuit of wealth often comes with significant hurdles. Despite this, some people fail to recognize the importance of money. A striking example of this is circulating on social media in the form of a video. The footage shows a billionaire casually throwing millions of dollars around in front of his house. This person is unnecessarily flaunting his wealth. The video suggests that he may not have enough space to store cash at home and in the bank.

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The person throwing cash like garbage in front of his house is named Fedor Balvanovich and he is an Instagram influencer with 128 million followers. He has posted several similar videos on his account where he is often seen wasting money. In the viral video, he is seen wearing a blue nightshirt throwing bundles of dollars in front of his house. The place where he throws the money is already stuffed with cash. The person is seen throwing money like garbage in front of his house. After throwing the money, he wipes the sweat from his forehead, which suggests that he is exhausted from throwing money.

As many as 9 million people have viewed this video and it has received 500,000 likes. In addition, several other videos are available on the person's Instagram account where he is seen distributing money and throwing cash from a helicopter. India TV has not verified whether the money shown in the videos is real or not. It is possible that fake money was used to make these videos. After watching the video, people are criticizing the person for his disrespect towards money. Many believe that the money shown could be fake.

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