Watch a Youtuber from Michigan take 500 mg of edibles and then play 18 holes

The important things first, we do not endorse the activities or actions of any person featured in this story or accompanying video. We understand that cannabis should only be consumed by adults and in a responsible manner and that the effects of Road Trip Rolls are neither considered safe nor acceptable.

Still, it was incredibly strange to watch his journey and perhaps a bit of a warning about what would happen if someone ACTUALLY consumed 500mg of cannabis and then tried to play a full round of golf.

The YouTuber in question, “Road Trip Rolls,” has been combining cannabis and golf on his channel for some time. He's clearly a person with a high tolerance, and he's also a pretty good golfer… or so we'd like to think, because so far we've only seen him playing under the influence on his channel.

When he filmed his latest video, he had already completed the 250mg Edibles Challenge and a “One Bong Hit = One Mulligan” challenge, but his latest goal is to double what he's already accomplished and consume 500mg of edibles before playing a full round of golf.

His ultimate goal is to play a sub-90 game on the links while consuming the edibles – an amount he believes is strong enough to defeat a bull elephant. It's truly incredible what he can do considering his 250mg episode completed.

But the 500mg episode is where he really shines. The episode starts with him visiting the Lume Dispensary in Kalkaska, Michigan to buy snacks, and then he heads to the Grandview Golf Club where he tries to keep his score as close to 90 as possible.

Before he even gets to his tee time he hits 200mg. Then he finally hits 500mg on hole 8 where he is already shooting +10. I really don't know how this man can even STAND, let alone play golf. The back 9 took him a little longer than the front, but he manages to finish.

BUT does he achieve his goal? See it below.

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