Fox's Kurtz responds to 'cheap fake' accusations against Biden in White House

Fox News presenter and media correspondent, Howie Kurtzjoined America Reports on Tuesday to comment on the White House's resistance to viral clips of the president Joe Biden They looked senile and called them “cheap fakes”.

anchor John Roberts asked Kurtz to respond to the press secretary's sharp statement attacking the clips on Monday.

“An unusually aggressive Karine Jean-Pierre “We are pursuing an unusually aggressive strategy to create confusion here,” Kurtz said, adding:

But let me first say that despite some misleading headlines, Fox News has not shown a distorted video of Joe Biden, even though some of his commentators, who have paid for their opinions, have talked about what they see as a fundamental decline. New York Post, The company, owned by Fox's sister company, seemed to follow the RNC's lead, whether intentionally or not, by publishing a cropped front-page photo that appears to show Joe Biden at the G7 summit, staring into space just a few feet away. However, the image does not include the skydivers who just landed. But there is a different kind of conflation going on here: Everything you see now is manipulated by the media and is false, fake, fabricated, and just plain untrue.

Roberts then noted that “it would be to their advantage to plant the seed in people's minds” that clips of President Biden looking lost were somehow inaccurate depictions. They continued to discuss

the latest viral clip showing Biden being led off the stage Obama.

“Yes, I find it inexplicable what Barack Obama did, because he knows the story that is being built around his former vice president. And yet everything you saw there was real, not a second was changed,” Kurtz said of the video, adding:

He took Biden by the hand and then led him off the stage with his hand behind his back the entire time. And I'm sure the Biden team is not happy about it. But the point is that it happened. Nobody can twist it. We all saw it. Nothing was manipulated. And it seems to me that we can debate whether Biden, as you said a few moments earlier, was frozen in confusion, as some are saying, or whether he was simply basking in the applause of the audience. But at the same time, the claim that something like that, some unflattering video of Joe Biden that appears to show him frail, he's 81 years old, as we all know, has to be fake, has to be manipulated. It's a deepfake. It's a cheap fake. It may be cheap, John, but it's not necessarily fake.

Criticism of the clip was dismissed by many who noted that Biden had deliberately stopped to receive applause. “Biden is senile and frail, but not sure Obama had to lead him away. Biden had applauded moments earlier and then

was standing there enjoying the applause when Obama grabbed his wrist. I bet the White House staff is upset with Obama,” Fox commented Brit Hume on the subject.

Watch the clip above.