Doris Burke shoots Caitlin Clark during the broadcast of the Celtics' Game 5 against the Mavs

Doris Burke humorously pointed out the contrast in media coverage between the controversies in the NBA and those surrounding rising basketball star Caitlin Clark during the broadcast of Game 5 of the Boston Celtics against the Dallas Mavericks.

The ESPN analyst went viral on Indiana Fever star Clark during a foul call between Boston Celtics' Kristaps Porziņģis and Dallas Mavericks' PJ Washington.

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Doris Burke's shot at Caitlin Clark during the Celtics' fifth game against the Mavs went viral

During the broadcast of Game 5 of the NBA Finals between the Celtics and the Mavericks, ESPN analyst Doris Burke took a viral snapshot as part of the media coverage of controversies in the NBA and those surrounding rising basketball star Caitlin Clark.

When the physical altercation occurred, Burke said, “If that had been Caitlin Clark, it could spark a debate that would last for weeks.”

The incident occurred in the second quarter when Celtics forward Kristaps Porziņģis was violently thrown to the ground by Mavericks forward PJ Washington. Burke took the opportunity to joke that if the talented young player Clark had been involved in such an altercation, it would undoubtedly spark endless debate in the sports world.

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WNBA: Caitlin Clark is pondering over persistent foul play

Amid a spate of controversies and heated debates, Indiana Fever rookie Caitlin Clark finds herself at the epicenter of a storm in the WNBA. The furor surrounding Clark intensified after she received a hard foul from Angel Reese.

This attention follows Clark's exclusion from the U.S. women's Olympic basketball team this month, which raised eyebrows and sparked heated debates across multiple platforms. Despite being a standout player who has made notable contributions to the WNBA's rising popularity, Caitlin Clark's rookie season has been marred by controversy and criticism.

While her exceptional talent and strength on the court are undeniable, her inexperience and inconsistent performances have led to a rocky start to her professional career. In addition, Clark's exclusion from the Olympic squad was fiercely contested by politicians, media personalities and fans from the right-wing camp, with the issue of race also being brought into the discussion.

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