Cast and crew of MaXXXine explain why the sequel features a real serial killer

There is a specific reason why Richard Ramirez, the “Night Stalker,” plays a role in the film.

Ti West's horror films X And pearl both are set in the real world, unlike other genre films that incorporate supernatural elements, but the isolated nature of both outings allows the events of the films to remain relatively limited. With the upcoming MaXXXinehowever, Mia Goth's title character travels to '80s Hollywood, with the trailer confirming that real-life serial killer Richard Ramirez, also known as the “Night Stalker,” will be involved in the film. West, Goth and star Elizabeth Debicki spoke about the inclusion of Ramirez in the film's plot, confirming that the film is intended to provide a more grounded experience than some of the more over-the-top stories told in horror films.

Speak with Full filmPer GamesRadarGoth claims that the inclusion of the killer “anchors” the film in reality, but notes, “It puts a trail of breadcrumbs back into reality. It's not just some big, sweeping horror movie that's just there for entertainment value. It has its roots somewhere.”

Debicki reveals whether Ramirez's terrible crimes will have a direct impact on Maxine's journey: “I won't give anything away. The joy of [the film] is that there are so many threads in play.”

Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has previously made genre films that run parallel to true events, only to then fundamentally change the historical facts, as in Inglourious Basterds – The Last Jedi And Once upon a time… in HollywoodWest did not want to directly explain the connections between his film and terrible tragedies, but instead noted that the spirit of MaXXXine is more like a Spike Lee classic set at the time of the Son of Sam murders than a Tarantino film.

“It has more in common with Summer by Samthe film by Spike Lee, as Once upon a time… in Hollywood. It plays a significant role in the story, but in its own unique way,” West admitted. The filmmaker didn't want to give away entirely what audiences can expect, hinting that “if you go into the movie knowing nothing, anything is possible.”

MaXXXine is described: “In 1980s Hollywood, porn star and aspiring actress Maxine Minx finally gets her big break. But when a mysterious killer stalks Hollywood's starlets, a trail of blood threatens to reveal her dark past.” In addition to Mia Goth, the franchise stars Elizabeth Debicki, Moses Sumney, Michelle Monaghan, Bobby Cannavale, Halsey, Lily Collins, Giancarlo Esposito and Kevin Bacon.

MaXXXine will be in theaters on July 5th.

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