Arrest on Tuesday in the murder of a 23-year-old man

Twenty-three years ago, Montgomery County police went to a home in Chevy Chase and found a murdered woman.

On Tuesday, Eugene Teodor Gligor was arrested using DNA analysis and charged with the murder of Leslie Preer.

Police had gone to Preer's home at 4800 Drummond Avenue when she failed to show up for work. When they arrived, police declared the home a crime scene and ruled her death a homicide.

No one was arrested. However, DNA evidence was recovered at the crime scene. In September 2022, blood traces from the crime scene were sent to a laboratory for forensic genetic and genealogical DNA analysis.

On June 9, police collected DNA traces from Gligor and compared them with traces found at the crime scene. According to police, the traces were a match.

Gligor, now 44, was arrested on Tuesday by the US Marshal's Task Force in Washington DC. He is accused of first-degree murder.

He is expected to be extradited to Montgomery County.