Who is “Blue Sweatpants Girl” on TikTok? Viral dancer compared to Tyla

The “girl in the blue sweatpants” is taking TikTok by storm thanks to her smooth dance moves, with viewers comparing her to South African singer-songwriter Tyla.

Tyla is a big name in the music business after her hit single “Water” went viral in 2023. Her signature dance move to the song also became extremely popular – but now some fans say someone else can do her steps better.

On June 9, 2024, TikTok user Laura Sophia uploaded a video of herself rocking out to CPK Shawn's slowed down version of “Pop Like This Pt. 2,” swaying her hips to the beat.

Her video went viral, reaching an incredible 84 million views in just two weeks. In the comments, she was compared to Tyla, with many saying she danced better than the famous singer.

“This could be Tyla in another universe,” wrote one viewer.

“Tyla, where were you?” asked another.

Others said the artist should hire Laura as a background dancer. One commented: “Tyla needs to know how good she is! Tag her!”

A week later, Laura responded to her unexpected viral status by featuring herself in another video that has been viewed over 4 million times in the last week.

Laura is from the “beautiful, amazing, perfect, breathtaking, incredible” island of Puerto Rico. She is a dancer, painter and avid surfer, although she claims she's not very good at it.

That's not all. She also addressed women who were worried their friends might come across her video, telling them to “send the ATS to my Instagram” and she will “block him, no questions asked.”

This video helped Sophia gain even more popularity (if that's even possible), as commenters showered the dancer with praise for her sense of humor and her “girly-girl” attitude.

“So you're basically perfect?” wrote one user – to which Sophia replied: “Girl, never trust social media. It's a highlight [reel].”

It's clear that Laura isn't afraid to make fun of herself either, as in another video on June 16, she put together a compilation of her best wipeouts and fails.

However, viewers were shocked to see that Laura was banned from TikTok shortly after achieving viral fame, which she confirmed in a comment.

Thankfully, her account was quickly restored. She now boasts a whopping 676,000 followers and is quickly climbing the ranks as the internet's newest “It Girl” for flaunting her slick salsa moves, witty sense of humor, and willingness to laugh at herself when things go wrong.