Avondale man arrested for shooting that left one person dead


A man was arrested on five counts, including second-degree murder, on suspicion of shooting a person multiple times during an altercation in Avondale around 1:40 a.m. Monday morning, police documents show.

Eduardo Granados said he was walking from his house to his girlfriend's house when he saw the victim across the street screaming and acting aggressively. He believed the victim was on drugs, arrest records show.

Granados said he pointed his .45 Glock pistol at the victim as he stepped out into the street toward Granados. According to police documents, the distance between the north curb where the victim stepped off and the south curb where Granados was walking was about 20 yards.

Granados claimed the victim “charged at him” and fired his weapon several times. He said the victim asked, “What are you shooting at?” and continued to advance on him, at which point Granados fired more shots until he ran out of ammunition and saw the victim fall to the ground.

Granados left the scene and said he would call police when he got to his girlfriend's house. Avondale police arrested Granados with the gun near Avondale Boulevard and Thomas Road.

According to court documents, two witnesses watched the incident from their backyard. One witness told police he saw the victim screaming in the street when a man pulled out a gun and fired several shots at the victim, court documents say.

The witness said the victim took several steps toward the perpetrator, the perpetrator fired several more shots, and the victim fell to the ground. According to court documents, the witness said the shooter apparently did not say anything before the shooting.

According to court documents, five shots also struck a nearby home where a resident was sleeping. There were no injuries, but the resident wanted to cooperate with law enforcement.

Granados said he shot the victim in self-defense, officials said.

Based on the location where the dead victim was found, the absence of weapons on his body, the distance between the victim and Granados, and witnesses' descriptions of Granados, police say there appears to be no reasonable suspicion of serious bodily harm at the time the weapon was fired.