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Tuesday's viral recap is here. From a tragic incident that saw a 23-year-old woman die while filming in a car on the way to Ellora Caves to another showing a woman smoking with her baby in her arms and more, here are your top five viral videos of the day.

Students at a Bihar An engineering college raised the alarm after discovering a dead snake in its food, leading to at least ten cases of food poisoning. The shocking incident, which has now gone viral on the internet, has sparked widespread concern.

The disturbing photo circulating online shows a small snake immersed in the curry served to students. Outraged user Rishi Singh posted, “A dead snake was found in the food at Government Engineering College Banka in Bihar. Immediately after consuming the food, students suffered from vomiting and nausea. Even after the visit of local authorities, no appropriate action was taken.”

Singh further claimed, “The issue is being suppressed by the college administration. Students say that there have been many such incidents of insects in food. But every time it has been ignored by the college administration.”

Woman smoking with toddler in her arms

A recently surfaced video has caused widespread outrage. It shows a woman smoking while holding a toddler in her arms. In the disturbing footage, the woman can be seen blowing smoke towards the camera while the toddler coughs towards the end of the clip.

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Expressing her concern, user Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj shared the video, saying, “I feel terrible for the children who are around these monsters.” The incident sparked a fierce reaction online, raising questions about irresponsible behavior and child welfare. In a separate thread, Bhardwaj revealed that the baby seen in the video does not belong to the woman: “It is not her child. I scanned her TL to see if there is any more abuse, but this child is not seen in other videos. She must have taken the child away from someone. Just like Kuwari Begum has been asking people to take babies away from others and sexually abuse them. All her videos are just about smoking.”

Qatar Airways passengers stranded in Athens during heatwave

Passengers of a recent Qatar Airways The flight faced frightening conditions when their Boeing 777 became stranded on the tarmac in Athens for three hours without air conditioning during a heatwave. Video footage shared on Instagram showed passengers struggling with dehydration, with some even fainting. When passengers finally disembarked, they received minimal communication and limited assistance from the airline, adding to their frustration, especially for those who had connecting flights in Doha.

Maharashtra woman dies while filming reels in a car near Ellora Caves

A tragic incident took place near Chhatarapati Sambhaji Nagar in Maharashtra when 23-year-old Shweta Survase died while trying to film footage on her way to Ellora Caves near Dutt Dham temple hill. The incident, captured in a viral video posted by @Mumbaikhabar9 on social media platform X, shows Shweta reversing a white Toyota Etios at around 2 pm on Monday.

Tragically, with little driving experience, she pressed the accelerator instead of the brakes, leading to the fatal accident. Her boyfriend Shivraj Mule, 25, who recorded the video, can be heard screaming in fear during the incident.

Outcry over guests' feet on seats in PVR

A viral video circulating on the Internet shows several people sitting with their feet on the seats in front of them at a PVR Multiplex. The footage was shared by user X with a comment calling on @_PVRCinemas and @PicturesPVR to take action against such behavior: “Watching a movie with a bunch of ILLITERATED+SCUBA+HOPELESS ASSHOLES. @_PVRCinemas @PicturesPVR hire someone and put a stop to this behavior.”

These five videos captivated social media on Tuesday.

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