ITV One Punch Killers: Who killed Matthew Thomas and where is killer Daniel Pickering now?

Code Blue: One Punch Killers takes an in-depth look at three harrowing cases being handled by South Wales Police's Major Crime Unit. These cases include two murders and one assault, in each of which a single punch had devastating consequences.

The documentary examines the role of alcohol and the culture of violence in these incidents and offers a poignant examination of how one moment of violence can destroy lives. Through interviews with family members and friends, the film sheds light on the emotional aftermath and the struggles of those left behind.

On Tuesday (June 18), an ITV documentary will profile a gangster who was jailed after murdering a man outside a nightclub. Daniel Pickering murdered Matthew Thomas after hitting him with “full force”.

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Daniel Pickering was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Matthew Thomas(Image: South Wales Police)

What did Daniel Pickering do to Matthew Thomas?

Daniel Pickering was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Matthew Thomas in Neath in July 2022. Pickering, who lived in Neath in South Wales at the time of the fatal attack, had spent the day drinking alcohol and taking hundreds of pounds worth of cocaine before killing Matthew Thomas.

On July 15, 2022, Pickering, then 34, approached a stranger downtown and asked if he could get drugs. Jurors were previously told at trial that Pickering had smoked crack that fateful evening and was looking for a fight after being kicked out of the bar.

The trial heard how Mr Thomas and the defendant met in the bar at the Arch, where Mr Thomas was chatting to members of a wedding party. However, an argument broke out between the two men and Pickering was ejected from the premises because of his behaviour.

Matthew Thomas was killed in 2022 and his murder case will be shown in Code Blue: One Punch Killers on ITV1 and ITVX.(Image: ITV)

Instead of leaving the area, the defendant remained outside and when Mr Thomas left about fifteen minutes later, an altercation broke out in the street. The court heard that Mr Thomas posed no threat to the shirtless Pickering when the defendant suddenly punched him in the face, causing him to stumble.