Ariana Grande explains in a viral interview clip why her voice has changed

Last week Ariana Grande was a guest at Podcrushedthe podcast of Penn Badgley, the actor who plays her lover in her video for “The Boy Is Mine.” Like Grande, Badgley has a background as a teen actor, and Grande spoke about recent disturbing revelations behind the scenes at Nickelodeon, the network that played a big role in her rise to fame. But that part of the interview didn't grab the most attention. Instead, it was the moment when Grande's voice suddenly changes.

There is a moment in her Podcrushed Interview where Ariana Grande's voice suddenly changes to a high-pitched, whisper-like speaking. It's not that she suddenly becomes a different person, but the change is noticeable. When someone pointed out this moment on Twitter, it went viral, and there is speculation that she is using the voice she will use in the upcoming Evil Movie.

In a comment, Grande said that this was simply a vocal preservation technique that she had “always” used: “Habit (spoken like this for two years) and also vocal health 🙂 I often change my vocal pitch (high/low) on purpose depending on how much I sing. I've always done it this way, BYE.” There were also a few emojis in there.

Grande's video for “The Boy Is Mine” also featured guests Brandy and Monica, whose 1998 hit had the same title. A new “Boy Is Mine” remix featuring Brandy and Monica will be released on Friday.