Ariana Grande's obsession with people like Jeffrey Dahmer will trigger many of her fans

Ariana Grande has become a huge pop sensation and has had an interesting journey as both an actress and a singer. She was the beloved cat in Victorious And Sam and Catand people love her incredible comedic timing. As a pop artist, her albums have made an important contribution to the current pop music landscape.

Yes and? was the first single from Ariana Grande's new album Forget it! |

Grande has built a large fan base that has loved and supported her music over the years. She recently released the music video for her song This boy belongs to me where she played a stalker disguised as Catwoman. In a new interview, the singer revealed how her obsession with serial killers led to an embarrassing moment with the parents of a young fan.

Ariana Grande's fascination with Jeffrey Dahmer almost got her in trouble

Netflix has released “Conversations with A Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes” in 2022 | Netflix
Netflix released the documentary Conversations with a Murderer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes in 2022 | Netflix

Ariana Grande is a big pop star today with many very successful albums. She has just released her new album, Forget it!which was very well received by fans. The singer's music has resonated with many young people and Grande is extremely grateful for their support. However, an interaction with a young fan turned awkward pretty quickly a few years ago.

Grande was recently a guest on the Podcrushed Podcast, hosted by You Star Penn Badgley, who appeared in Grande’s music video for This boy belongs to meThe singer took part in a question-and-answer session with young fans a few years ago, where she was asked who (living or dead) she would like to have dinner with.

The singer wanted to be honest with the young fan, but her answer would be one that the parents never expected and might even provoke some of her hardcore fans. Grande responded that she would have liked to meet Jeffrey Dahmer as he was a fascinating person and she had many questions for him. The parents were shocked by the answer and ended the conversation abruptly. She said:

When I was younger, I was fascinated by serial killers… It was at a question and answer session with fans, with young fans, and they were with parents, and someone said, “If you could have dinner with any person, living or dead, who would it be?” I thought to myself, “I mean, Jeffrey Dahmer is pretty fascinating. I think I would have liked to meet him. You know, maybe a third party or someone involved. But I have questions.”

Like Grande, many other people are fascinated by true crime documentaries and serial killers. However, her controversial response during a session with young fans may have been inappropriate for the event. Interestingly, she starred alongside Evan Peters, who played the serial killer in Netflix's Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Storyin the music video for We can't be friends.

Ariana Grande jokes about casting serial killers in her music videos

Penn Badgley played the mayor in the music video for “This Boy is Mine” by Ariana Grande | YouTube
You are Penn Badgley played a mayor in the music video for Ariana Grande's This boy belongs to me |

Ariana Grande recently released her new album Eternal sunshine, with the songs We can't be friends And This boy is mine. In the music video for the two songs, Evan Peters and Penn Badgley were seen alongside Grande. Peters played the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story while Badgley played serial stalker/killer Joe Goldberg in You.

During an appearance on the Podcrushed podcast, Badgley reminded Grande that her music videos feature on-screen actors who have played serial killers. The singer couldn't help but laugh at the coincidence, joking that perhaps there could be a pattern that everyone should investigate. Grande said:

I knew [everyone] I wanted to say, “Why the hell? What is this pattern? Do we need to talk about this pattern here?” Um, maybe there's something worth looking at. No, I'm just kidding.

Grande is currently enjoying the success of her new album. Later this year, she will play Glinda in Universal's adaptation of Evil next to Cynthia Erivo. The adaptation has been split into two films, with Part 1 hitting theaters on November 27, 2024 and Part 2 hitting theaters next year on November 26, 2025.