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Many people admire Nora Fatehi's dance style and some even watch her dance videos on loop to dance like the Indian-based Canadian singer and actress. A Qatar Airways flight attendant managed to mimic the actress' dance moves to the tunes of Saki Saki in a club. As expected, the video has gone viral on the internet and might just make you want to hit the dance floor.

Qatar Airways flight attendant (left) imitates the saki-saki dance steps of Nora Fatehi (right). (Instagram/@prasadgund8 and YouTube/@tseries)

“Tag that friend without social anxiety! The conversation shouldn't stop,” Prasad Gund wrote while sharing the video on Instagram.

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The video begins with Gund dancing to a Nora Fatehi song in a club. Then a text appears. It reads: “Passenger: My entertainment TV is not working. What should I do on the plane?”

As the video progresses, another text appears: “Let me: hold my tray!”

The video then shows Gund mastering Nora Fatehi's Saki Saki Hook steps while people can be heard cheering him on.

Watch the viral video here:

Gund's dance video has gone viral on Instagram, garnering nearly two million views and counting. Many have even shared their thoughts in the comments section of the post.

See how people reacted to the viral video:

“When Nora is on sick leave,” joked one Instagram user.

Another added: “Nora is asking for your location.”

“This guy definitely made it,” said a third.

A fourth commented: “If I could dance that well, I would do it everywhere.”

“OMG! That was quick!” said a fifth.

In an interview with ET Times, Nora Fatehi said that she is still doing physiotherapy five years after her viral Saki Saki dance. “The hook step of Saki Saki was hard. So I practiced a lot, shot the song and also do it constantly for my stage performances. But yes, it was such a hard step that I still have to do physiotherapy because of the impact and it has been five years since the release of Saki Saki,” the actress said.

In an old interview with Hindustan Times, the actress said she did not want to be pigeonholed into the role of “the girl who sings item songs” and asserted, “I can carry a role too and that is very important if you want to last here.”

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