Video of Barron Trump's childhood with his father goes viral: “No drugs”

When Barron Trump, the youngest son of former US President Donald Trump, graduated last month, a video of his first day of school went viral. In fact, it was a video that was apparently filmed in Donald Trump's office as Barron prepared to go to school. “You're going to learn to read, write and do math,” Donald Trump said in the throwback video.

“I only want A's. And when you get older, what will you remember? No drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes. And no tattoos,” said Donald Trump.

Barron Trump, born on March 20, 2006, managed to stay out of the spotlight. This year, Barron graduated from the Oxbridge Academy in Palm Beach.

But the internet is curious about Barron's height, as the 17-year-old is 6'5″, which his father confirmed in a recent interview with YouTuber Logan Paul. The internet is wondering if Barron Trump will ever stop growing, and his father, who is also 6'3″, called him a big boy.

“A good-looking guy, but he's tall, no question about it,” Trump said, adding that he did not want to take photos next to his son because of his size.

Barron has not yet announced his plans after graduation. He keeps the internet interested in himself, as he is not active on social media and has never given an interview. Trump said Barron has been applying to colleges and is in high demand as he is a very “smart guy.” “You know, it's very interesting, colleges, you know, six months ago you look at a college and you kind of wanted a certain college and then you see there's turmoil at all these colleges,” Donald Trump said when asked if Barron would be on a campus.

After Barron was named a delegate to the Republican National Convention, there was much speculation about his entry into politics. However, due to other commitments, he was unable to participate in his father's nomination process.