Viral video shows how self-cleaning public toilets work in Paris | WATCH

Self-cleaning public toilets in Paris, viral video | Image:X

Paris/Viral Video: Have you ever dreaded using a public toilet? Well, Paris is taking steps to change that! A viral video circulating on social media has sparked curiosity about the city's innovative approach to public hygiene and self-cleaning toilets.

Forget the usual fears of a public restroom. These world-class facilities have high-tech features where cleanliness is a top priority.

This is how self-cleaning public toilets work in Paris:

Automatic doors: No more searching for a handle. The entrance slides open for a touchless experience.
Sensor-activated cleaning: Once you're done and the door closes behind you, the magic begins! Sensors detect your absence and trigger the cleaning cycle.

Folding seats: For more thorough cleaning, the toilet seat itself can be folded into a hidden compartment.

High pressure cleaning: Then powerful jets of water are activated, thoroughly cleaning the bowl and the surrounding area.

Floor disinfection: But the cleaning doesn't end there. The floor is thoroughly soaked with a disinfectant solution so that the room is hygienically clean for the next user.
This technology not only promotes hygiene but also reduces the need for frequent manual cleaning, potentially saving time and resources.

Watch the viral video of self-cleaning public toilets in Paris:

Although the viral video makes it look like it happens instantly, it is important to consider that there may be a short wait between uses to allow the cleaning cycle to complete.

Internet users’ reaction to the viral video of the self-cleaning toilet in Paris:

In the comments section, netizens are praising the French government's innovative idea of ​​developing self-cleaning toilets. One user says: “I like how the water cleans the entire floor except for the one spot where the floor is supposed to be cleaned.”

Another viewer says: “Wow, this is amazing. It's like seeing my first airplane.”

Another user wrote: “Sanisettes, commonly found in Paris, are self-cleaning unisex public toilets that replace street urinals. They are suitable for men and women alike to urinate and defecate in, offer more privacy and reduce odors through their automatic cleaning. Some even have music recordings. However, they come with a warning that young children cannot use them alone, as the cleaning cycle has a weight sensor. There are special wheelchair-accessible models, as regular models are too small for wheelchair users.”

So next time you're in Paris and nature calls, keep an eye out for these futuristic toilets. Who knows, maybe self-cleaning toilets will become the norm around the world!