Viral video shows woman 'eating' a potted plant made of candy | WATCH

Viral video shows woman “eating” a potted plant made of candy | Image: Instagram

Nowadays, food videos are one of the things that go viral. From bizarre food combinations to strange versions of popular dishes, the videos have gone viral and people are eating everything. But have you ever seen someone eating a potted plant? A viral video is doing the rounds on the internet in which a woman is seen eating a potted plant and it has taken Instagram by storm after garnering more than 50 million views and 1.6 million likes. But did she really eat the plant? Let's take a look.

The viral video starts with the plant sitting on a wooden fence and Sthefanny running up to it and eating it. She grabbed the plant and took a big bite that appeared to be filled with soil. But this potted plant is actually made of chocolate and Oreo.

Check out the viral video:

Sthefannyoliveiratv shared the video on Instagram with the caption “Edible plant.”

In the video by @sthefannyoliveiratv, we see the vlogger step outside and take a bite of what looks like a potted plant. She takes a large piece out of the pot, which appears to be filled with soil. However, in the rest of the video, she shows the entire process of making the chocolate potted plant. The process starts with a large bar of chocolate, which is cut into smaller pieces and melted in the microwave.

Once the chocolate is melted, it is carefully poured into a thermocol cup, which will be used as a mold for the pot. The melted chocolate is poured in so that the insides of the cup are completely covered, leaving a cavity in the center. The cup is then placed in the fridge to allow the chocolate to set. After the chocolate has set, the cup is cut open and peeled off to reveal a small chocolate “pot.” The pot is placed upside down on a plate and dusted with cocoa powder to give it a rough, naturally “muddy” appearance.

Next, a pack of Oreos is opened and the white cream filling in the middle is separated from the chocolate cookies. The chocolate cookies are collected in a bag and pounded together to form a soil-like crumble. The chocolate pot is filled with pieces of chocolate cake and topped with the Oreo crumble. Finally, a stem of a plant with leaves is placed in the middle so that it looks like it is “growing” out of the chocolate soil.

User reactions to the post:

Users in the comments section also said that at first they actually thought she was eating a pot.

“This is a very big plan.”

“I really thought she was eating dirt.”

“That's not fair. If someone had only seen the first part.”

“My first reaction was: What happened to you? And after watching the whole video, I can say: You are great.”

“Oh. I should have watched the rest of the video before I ran outside and ate a pot of dirt. It wasn't until I watched it a second time that I realized she was eating chocolate.”