Viral Video: Chimp Mom Beats Up Naughty Kid For Throwing Rocks At People | WATCH

Chimpanzee mom beats her child for throwing stones at people | Image:X

Viral video: A viral video causing a stir on social media shows the harsh discipline of a chimpanzee mother. Shared on June 17, the video has gone viral on social media, already garnering over 7 million views, and shows a young chimpanzee throwing rocks at visitors.

Mama chimpanzee in action:

The viral video clip begins with the young chimpanzee picking up a rock and throwing it towards the crowd. The action, however, does not go unnoticed by the watchful chimpanzee mother.

She shows her strong parental instinct and immediately intervenes. The video shows the mother grabbing a branch and using it to discipline her offspring, thereby expressing her disapproval of her children's behavior.

The viral video shows the nature of animal discipline; many viewers praised the chimpanzee mother for her strict approach to her child's behavior.

Watch the viral video “Mama Chimp Beats Kid” here:

Chimpanzees and their behavior:

Chimpanzees, like many primates, have complex social structures and exhibit behaviors such as teaching their young appropriate social interactions. This video provides insight into this process and shows how a mother enforces rules to protect her child and ensure peaceful coexistence within the group.

Internet users’ reaction to the viral video:

In the comments section, netizens praised Mama Chimp's actions and shared their own thoughts. One user said, “She is raising a better child than many people.”

Another user wrote, “Corporal punishment is innate in some species.” Another user wrote, “Gorillas share about 98-99% of their DNA with humans. This high genetic similarity leads to many physical and behavioral similarities.”

The viral video not only garnered a lot of views, but also sparked conversations about animal behavior, parenting styles, and the similarities between us and our closest primate relatives. The video has been viewed millions of times and shows the importance of knowing boundaries and respecting others, even in the animal kingdom.