Viral hype around Solciety’s new ICO launch tomorrow explodes

The year 2024 is full of political drama and (as always) a healthy dose of memes. A new ICO launching tomorrow, June 18th, at 14:00 UTC is causing major FOMO due to the combination of all of this.

Solciety, the political party of crypto swashbucklers, is launching a new ICO, offering a whopping 3 billion tokens at a bargain price – just $0.001. This hot new meme coin offers outrageous humor, political satire, and the exciting potential for huge profits.

Read on to find out why this new ICO is going viral.

Solciety: The political playground of crypto-defenses

If you are fed up with relentless elections and soul-destroying politicians and long for a way out of the status quo, then Solciety is the political party for you.

Solciety's new ICO is a glimmer of hope for weary idiots looking for a community they can really identify with. A community that focuses on profits and only the coolest memes.

With the Meme Campaigner you can create funny memes with an all-star cast of characters. From the ever-relevant Senator Pepe to Kim Wrong-Un to the enigmatic Badimir Putin.

But Solciety is about more than just laughs – you can share your quirky creations on Twitter for a chance to win pre-sale tokens and lock in some early winnings.

Because the real currency at stake isn't dollars, it's attention. And with the Meme Campaigner, Solciety is poised to capitalize on that attention as the memes it generates flood into every epee chatroom on the web.

Solciety's Phases and Tokenomics: Your Chance to 100x in 2024

With only ten presale phases in just 30 days, you have the chance to make massive +100x gains. The token price will increase every 72 hours, creating a price frenzy and profits for early adopters and offering the potential for 169% gains before Solciety even goes public.

Solciety's tokenomics prioritizes a whopping 20% ​​for marketing to spread the message far and wide and attract a global army of meme lords. Next, 17% is allocated for liquidity to ensure smooth trading, and 10% goes to a rewards pool.

The next 100x meme coin? Get ready for a meme-fueled moon mission

So how high can Solciety really go? Well, 2024 is the year of meme coins, and SOL meme coins top the list, leaving ERC-20 tokens behind. The top two Solana memes, dogwifhat and Bonk, have over $1 billion in trading volume at press time. Even lesser-known meme coins have gone crazy. Solama, for example, has rallied since its launch in February. Solciety is poised to follow suit, as it stands alongside some of the most successful investments in history.

Memes are the universal language of the internet and when mixed with politics, they only get stronger. As the currently exploding PolitiFi sector shows. Doland Tremp has made a whopping +700% gain since launch.

(Source: CoinGecko)

By and large, 2024 will be the first election year in which meme coins will be a top topic of conversation. It looks like meme coin summer is about to begin, fueled by hot social media buzz and an electrifying community. And with a crypto bull market brewing, the sky's the limit for meme coins.

All of this means one thing: get ready for huge volatility and potentially parabolic gains as November approaches. Political fervor drives these meme coins, and Solciety sits at the sweet intersection of politics and humor.

Make memes, not war: Solciety pre-sale is now live

Forget the boring campaigns, Solciety is the political party for crypto degenerates, powered by witty memes and the potential for epic gains. Early investors in PolitiFi coin are already laughing on the way to the bank, and Solciety is ready to keep this train rolling.

This isn't just about politics; it's about satire, the future of meme culture, and that sweet 100x. It's time to join the epee party.

The Solciety presale starts tomorrow, June 18th, at 14:00 UTC.

For more information about the upcoming pre-sale, visit the official website.

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