Swara is horrified when she sees the murderer and locks herself in the closet.

In the next episode of Pushpa Impossible, Swara, who is scared after her encounter with the killer, shocks everyone by hiding in the closet.

Swara from Pushpa Impossible. Image courtesy: Sony SAB

Sony SAB's Pushpa Impossible tells the heartwarming story of Pushpa (Karuna Pandey) as a resilient woman who takes on life's challenges without giving up hope. In the final episodes, Pushpa's son Ashwin (Naveen Pandita) is left devastated after his best friend Bhaskar (Vikram Mehta) dies in an accident. Bhaskar's sudden death made Ashwin worried about his daughter Swara (Vrihi Kodvara), which led to him becoming overprotective and not allowing her to go out.

In the next episode, Dipti encounters Anshuman Bajaj, unaware that he has staged the murder that Swara witnessed. Meanwhile, Sushila storms into the chawl in anger. Pushpa encounters Sarang Khatri, the murderer, who confirms Swara's address at the Bapodra Chawl, and Swara is terrified when she sees him. MLA Jagtap calls MLA Raaj Patil and gives him a stern warning. Despite Pushpa and Bapodra's attempts to calm her down, Sushila slams the door in their faces. Together, Pushpa, Jugal and Bapodra decide to expose Jagtap, fearing that his intentions may trap Bapodra through Sujata. Swara, terrified after her encounter with the murderer, shocks everyone by hiding in the cupboard.

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In today's episode, Pushpa sees Swara getting a football and notices her unusual behavior. She senses that she is hiding her fear. Meanwhile, Pushpa narrowly escapes the discovery of a carefully hidden body at the crime scene. Bapodra tracks down Sujata's supposed address but finds it to be a deception. Unbeknownst to them, someone is secretly monitoring Bapodra and Sushila's movements.

Pushpa visits the Class 12 correspondence office and later confides her worries about Swara to Nanavati. His words give her comfort. Bapodra and Sujata visit a clinic and unknowingly tip off Jagtap's informant. Jagtap's plan to trap Bapodra through Sujata comes to light.

Back at the chawl, Pushpa sees Rashi talking to Saran, which leads to a discussion between Pushpa and Rashi. Pushpa remains fixated on the picnic spot and worries about Swara. The tension escalates when Sujata unexpectedly comes face to face with Sushila and Bapodra.