DISGUSTING! Woman smokes while holding coughing baby, viral video shocks internet users | Viral News

A woman has sparked outrage online after posting a video of herself smoking while holding a baby. Watch the shocking viral video below!

Woman smokes while holding her coughing baby | Image: X

New Delhi: A viral video of a woman smoking with a toddler in her hand has sparked outrage on social media. The video was posted by Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj on X with the caption: “I feel for the children who are around these monsters.”

In the video, the woman can be seen turning towards the camera and exhaling smoke. She is holding a baby in her hands. She doesn't take another drag, but the child can be seen coughing. She even kisses the toddler, which visibly makes him uncomfortable.

Woman smoking with toddler in her arms

In another tweet, Bhardwaj added, “It is not her child. I have scanned her video footage to see if there is any more abuse but this child is not seen in the other videos. She must have snatched someone's child. Just like Kuwari Begum asked people to snatch other people's infants and sexually abuse them. All her videos are just about smoking.”

Woman defends smoking role with baby

Bhardwaj then posted a screenshot of a conversation with the woman. The woman asked her why she was spreading “such negativity” against her “without knowing anything.” Bhardwaj then said, “What is there to know here, madam? Don't you see that the child is so unwell and coughing?”

Woman defends smoking role with baby

Woman defends smoking role with baby | Image: X

The woman objected, “Have you realised reality, ma'am?” Bhardwaj replied, “What reality? This is what is shown in the video. Bachche ko god mein lekar smoke kar rahi ho. Is it true that reality is a justification for life?”

The woman said, “He has been coughing for two weeks. He is my sister's baby and I am the one who brought him the medicine.”

Internet users shocked

The video went viral on X, garnering more than 890,000 views. One user said: “Smoking with a toddler in your arms for a shot that will be forgotten in the blink of an eye. This is criminal.”

Internet users outraged

Internet users outraged | Image: X

Another wrote: “Girl what is that the kid is practically coughing oh my god… I hope someone files charges against her for child abuse.”

A third user added: “Disgusting. She should be fined heavily and jailed for promoting smoking. Youth Services needs to take over.” Another commented: “Absolutely disgusting filth. What is the point of people like this existing??”