Eric has turned the true crime genre on its head with a popular technique


  • Eric
    with big names like Benedict Cumberbatch in the leading roles and delves into the dark side of New York in the 1980s.
  • The show mixes intelligent social criticism with absurd puppetry and captivates 1.1 billion viewers.
  • Eric
    offers a detailed look at crime and poverty in New York in the 1980s. There are no official plans for a sequel.

Netflix is ​​known for its acclaimed selection of original series and Eric is no different. Featuring a plethora of hit stars including Benedict Cumberbatch, Clark Peters and Gabby Hoffman, the show immerses audiences in the dark underworld of 1980s New York. Not only does it provide an intelligent source of contemporary commentary, but it also uses puppets to add an extra touch of absurdity to the entire storyline.

Eric attracted 1.1 billion viewers in its first week and kept viewers hooked throughout its long run. The show also used a range of massive special effects to bring the dim-witted but deeply unlikable Eric to life. So what is this series about and is there a sequel in the works?

What is Eric about?

  • Benedict Cumberbatch is also the voice actor for Eric.
  • The doll's eyes are also modeled after Benedict Cumberbatch to give it a more realistic look.


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Eric begins by introducing us to Vincent Anderson, a gruff and overly sarcastic puppeteer on the hit children's show Good Day Sunshine. Although Vincent's life seems idyllic, behind closed doors things are taking a turn for the worse. He is constantly arguing with his partner Cassie, which is noticed by his 9-year-old son Edgar. In an effort to gain his father's approval, Edgar designs a puppet named Eric, which he hopes will appear on his father's show. But after another argument between his parents, he heads off to school in the morning and doesn't return home, leaving the couple to race against time to find their son before it's too late. Although the police do their best to find the boy, Vincent struggles to get Eric into Good Day Sunshine so he can return Edgar to where he belongs.

The main plot of this series follows the twists and turns of Edgar's disappearance, but also gives the viewer a glimpse into the crime-ridden landscape of 1980s New York. Detective Michael Ledroit often takes a trip into the seedy parts of the city to find more answers. But Ledroit doesn't get very far, as he seems to have some dark secrets of his own. All of these elements blend together effectively to create a fascinating political statement about dealing with crime during New York's most difficult time.

Although this show was not inspired by or based on any specific event, creator Abi Morgan explains that she was drawn to this story because of her own experiences growing up in Britain in the 1980s. In an exclusive interview with Radio Times, she notes:

“I remember growing up in the UK in the 80s, these stories of missing children haunted me. Then when I went to New York, I looked after a little boy there in the mid-80s. While I was there, I saw the milk carton children and the missing people. That always really haunted me.”

Eric acts more as Vincent's inner critic than as his conscience

Vincent holds Eric's head

  • Acclaimed composer Tim Mitchin wrote the theme song for Good Day Sunshine.
  • Although the show is set in New York, the vast majority of the interior shots were filmed in Budapest.


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From the very first episode, viewers notice that Edgar sees Eric as an exaggerated caricature of his father. From his foul mouth to his constant drinking, it is clear that Eric was not destined to be a kind and friendly puppet like the one in Sesame Street. But as Eric and Vincent begin to live their daily lives side by side, it's easy to see that the doll resembles Vincent's darkest thoughts more than his spiritual guide. This becomes clear in Episode 2, when the audience is first introduced to Eric. As Vincent lies on the floor, consumed by his excessive drinking, Eric takes no time to comfort him. Instead, he reminds him of his mistakes as a father and tells him to get up and try to find him. Therefore, it is clear that Eric's external monologue mimics Vincent's shame and is often used to say things he dares not admit.

In episode 3, Vincent tries to sell Eric to the network, but portrays the puppet as more pitiful and depressed. The real Eric, however, does not fall for Vincent's attempt to gain pity, reminding him that it is his fault that Edgar disappeared. These interactions illustrate that Eric always has the upper hand and can manipulate Vincent, even if he is just a figment of his imagination, thus reinforcing the idea that Vincent is the villain in this situation and Edgar is the real victim.

Good Day Sunshine offers a dark interpretation of 1980s New York

The crew during the filming of “Good Day Sunshine”

  • The series also used the set from Guillermo del Toro’s hit filmHellboy II: The Golden Army.
  • The subway tunnels were inspired by a documentary called Dark dayswhich featured a group of “mole people” living beneath the surface of the city.


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One could argue that the fictional series Good Day Sunshine is simply a worse copy of Sesame StreetFans of Eric would argue that the show actually takes a close look at the horrors unfolding throughout New York. In episode 5, the Good Day Sunshine team attends a local government charity event and features Eric for the first time. This segment offers a humorous look at the portrayal of Eric, but also shows the class differences that are evident throughout this bustling city. The fact that these puppeteers have to take the time to cover up the homeless crisis with cute songs and puppets shows that the authorities aren't doing enough to protect their citizens.

Another example of Good Day Sunshine highlighting the issues surrounding poverty can be seen in Episode 2. Lennie, Vincent's friend and co-producer, tells the crew that a significant number of children in New York don't have easy access to outdoor spaces. For some viewers, this can be quite surprising, especially since New York is associated with major tourist attractions like Central Park. This conversation is also a subtle hint that even in one of the most thriving metropolitan areas in the world, children don't have a safe place to play and explore.

What’s next for Eric?

Eric and Vincent talk to each other

  • Eric is run by Olly Taylor, who previously worked at the The “Teletubbies” And Solo.
  • Michael Fassbender was originally considered for the role of Vincent.


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Although the main incentive Eric is the six-foot-tall furry monster himself, this short series did so much more. With its complex detective arc and themes of abject poverty, Eric managed to shine a light on the hardships and suffering of the working class in 1980s New York. The show even managed to discuss key LGBTQ+ issues, with its reference to the AIDS crisis and the act of hiding.

Given the many arguments that speak for themselves, will there be a Eric Season 2? Well, according to the creator of the series, the story seems to be complete and there are no official plans to revive the series in the future. Admittedly, this is quite disappointing, but it also underlines the power of the streaming generation. Now that fans can watch an entire series in just one day, the writers have the best opportunity to tell powerful stories without having to worry about whether people will tune in next week or not. Thus, Eric manages to wrap up a very complex plot in just a few episodes and doesn't overwhelm the audience with haunting themes or surreal puppetry.