I deeply regret the name we gave our son 11 months ago

Choosing a baby name is difficult and sometimes parents regret their choice.

This was certainly the case with one mother who, 11 months later, realized she hated her young son's name and people said it sounded like a “serial killer.”

A mother told how much she regretted naming her child “Karver McClain.” Archive photo usedPhoto credit: Getty

On Reddit, she spoke at length about her child's unusual nickname.

She wrote: “I had my son almost 11 months ago and we named him Karver McClain. Even before I got pregnant, I decided on the name McClain.

“I don’t even remember where I heard the name, but I know I fell in love with it immediately.

“My baby's father didn't see it that way, though, so we compromised and made it his middle name instead, which was fine with me at the time because I couldn't think of a middle name that would fit.”

The woman stated that it was her mother who read through a list of names and discovered the nickname “Karver.”

She continued: “I heard that he and his father liked it just as much.

“I thought it looked stupid with a C, so we wrote it K and put it on the birth certificate.

“We had no problem with it, but a few months later I started to have doubts.

“I asked for opinions on the name in a baby name Facebook group and received over 80 responses, all bad.

“Several people said it was the perfect name for a serial killer, and others told me they would hate their mother forever if she called them Karver.

“At first I thought it was weird, but now I like it,” people say as the mother reveals how she gives her daughter a unique name

“Others just tell me it’s terrible.

“I guess what I'm asking is, should we start calling him by his middle name?

“Is it too late now that he is almost a year old and knows his name?

“Is his name as bad as everyone says?”

Many people confirmed their fears and said they were also unsure about the name.

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One wrote: “I think Karver is called a serial killer because of the association with knives and carvings.”

A second agreed: “Karver is awful and McClain is no better. Seriously, just rename the kid.”

However, one argued: “I guess if you still like the name, then that's his name. But stop hurting your own feelings by asking strangers for feedback.”

Several people said it was a perfect name for a serial killer, and others told me they would hate their mother forever if she named them Karver.

Reddit Mom

Many people suggested changing the name slightly so that it would now read “Carter” instead of “Karver.”

One person commented, “Karver is pretty bad in my opinion. What about Carter? It's very close to Karver.”

Another shared: “It's fun to say Carter McClain.”

And a third wrote: “Totally agree. I don't love Carter, but he is light years better than Karver.”