Passenger banned from flight due to viral packing trick

A passenger was denied boarding a flight after attempting to get away with a viral packing trick.

At Orlando International Airport, an eager passenger arrived for his flight with a pillowcase in his hand, believing he could hack the system. The man attempted to circumvent the airline's carry-on baggage policy and filled the thin sheet with his belongings, claiming it was a pillow.

On TikTok, user @natashaorganic captured the interaction between the passenger with the ticket and the flight crew. She documented their argument until airport police showed up and escorted him away from the gate.

At the beginning, the man, wearing a white beanie hat and a black backpack, is seen talking to a flight attendant in an orange traffic vest. Their voices are muffled, making it difficult to understand exactly what is being said.

“Stop taking these social media tips and tricks because sometimes it doesn't work, okay?” said the TikTok user. “This guy tried to record a pillowcase full of clothes and other items that he claims is just a pillowcase.”

Natasha said it was obvious that the passenger had not brought just a pillowcase or a regular pillow. In addition, the man was offered to pay the appropriate fee for additional hand luggage, but he refused. However, towards the end of the video, the man can be heard saying he was ready to pay. Unfortunately, it was too late.

“He kept waiting until they closed the doors to say, 'Okay, I'll pay now,'” Natasha explained. “And then he tried to somehow sneak into the damn, I don't know what it's called, before you get on the plane.”

She added: “And they said, 'Brother, go away. We gave you your chance and you didn't pay for it.' And in the end they called the police. And in the end he was escorted out.”

Natasha concluded her commentary by urging viewers to “stop listening to the internet,” blaming the passenger's belief in a travel hack he found online for ultimately getting kicked out of the airport.

A few months before this incident, the pillowcase hack went viral on TikTok, prompting travelers to stuff the sheet with clothes to avoid the carry-on baggage fee.

On Reddit, anonymous users warned others not to try the trick, admitting that they knew people who hadn't pulled it off.

“I don't know. In SFO, the ladies at the gate told us we had to pack our pillows in our bags,” one person admitted, while another said, “I think budget airlines consider a pillow a personal item. I agree that wearing lots of clothes and stuffing things in your jacket is the best practice.”