White House responds to viral videos showing Joe Biden frozen and wandering

The White House on Monday criticized Republicans for distributing videos purporting to show President Joe Biden's mental and physical deterioration, saying the images had been misleadingly edited and manipulated.

“This says everything we need to know about the desperation of the Republicans,” press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters, calling the clips “cheap fake videos.”

Media outlets such as the New York Post and an official Republican social media account have published several seemingly incriminating short videos of the 81-year-old president in recent days.

In one video, an obviously disoriented Biden appears to be walking away from his fellow campaigners while watching a skydiving demonstration at the G7 summit in Italy last week.

But Jean-Pierre said the footage had been edited to be misleading and that Biden was instead trying to give the skydivers the green light.

“The facts have been thoroughly verified … including by conservative media,” she said at a press conference, adding: “If you let the tape run a little longer, you will see … what happened.”

Earlier this week, NBC also refuted that claim by posting footage from its own cameras from a different angle, showing Biden interacting with the skydivers just feet away.

Another widely shared clip was a close-up of Biden standing silently during a White House concert while world leaders danced close beside him – which opponents said showed a state of confusion.

“The president was standing there listening to the music and he wasn't dancing. Excuse me. I didn't know that not dancing was a health issue,” Jean-Pierre said of the video.

And over the weekend, the New York Post published another video that appears to show Biden getting lost on stage at a fundraiser in California before former President Barack Obama shows him the way to exit.

Andrew Bates, another White House spokesman, said on X that Biden instead waited on stage to accept applause from his supporters.

And Eric Schultz, a senior adviser to Obama, posted a link to the Post article about X and wrote, “That didn’t happen.”

Biden's main rival in the November election, Republican Donald Trump, has made Biden's advancing age one of his key arguments in the campaign, trying to position himself as a forceful alternative – even though, at 78, he is only three years younger.

Whoever wins the vote will set a new age record.

Biden is already the oldest man to hold the office and would remain so, and if Trump wins, he would be the oldest man ever to attend an inauguration.