Viral video shows sleeping newborn elephant calf with “safety category Z++”

Elephants are one of the most social animals and almost everything they do is linked to their herd. This includes raising their young. Unlike most other animals, the whole herd takes care of a newborn calf and not just its mother. Indian Forest Service (IFS) official Susanna Nanda shared a video on X showing how protective a herd of elephants can be towards their calves.

Sleeping elephant calf in Z++ safety

In the video newborn calf It is seen taking a nap while being guarded by its mother and the other herd members.

“Chotu falls asleep with Z++ security systems. I'm watching the video on a loop – the mother and aunts surround the calf as it falls asleep. The security systems are simply impenetrable. Amazing behaviour from elephant herds. From the forests of Bonai,” Nanda wrote.

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More than a calf

The video went viral and many on social media were impressed by the “security” the herd provided to the newborn. Some attentive users also pointed out that there were more calves in the herd.

“Look… there are sleeping babies and an apostate in this video alone,” one person wrote.


How elephant herds work

In the wild, elephants live in matriarchal herds consisting of dozens of animals, usually females and calves. The herd is led by the oldest female, the matriarch.

Adult male elephants are usually solitary and only join the herd to mate. Elephants The gestation period is about 22 months and the calf must be cared for by the mother and other herd members until it is four to five years old.

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BCCL/ Symbol image

While the females remain part of the herd, the young males begin to live as loners as adolescents at around the age of 13.

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