Family frustrated by murderer’s conviction in 2022 KCK murder case

KANSAS CITY, Kansas – A murderer has been sentenced to just over a decade in prison for the killing of a mother of five from Kansas City, Kansas.

One of her five children is outraged and expresses his frustration.

“15 years is not long enough. I mean, something is better than nothing, but it's not fair,” said Adrianna Caballero.

Although the case does not go to trial, the convicted killer pleads guilty and the family says he will get a slap on the wrist.

“She will miss birthdays, holidays and the birth of my child forever,” Caballero said.

Lisa McKeehan was killed in a drive-by shooting while holding her two-year-old son.

The more than two years without her were anything but easy for her children.

“There were a lot of rollercoaster rides between up, down and sideways. It was an emotional rollercoaster,” said Caballero.

It was on a spring day in 2022 near the 3700 block of Plaza Drive in KCK that McKeehan was killed.

Two years later, the murderer is brought to justice.

Tyler Ferris pleaded guilty just over two weeks ago and was subsequently charged with first-degree murder, but several other charges were dropped.

Ferris was sentenced to only 15 years in prison for the violent and reckless killing of McKeehan.

“I don't think 15 years is enough for what he got. We have to go on with the rest of our lives without them. He got 15 years so that when he gets out, he can still see his family and be a part of his family,” Caballero said.

A family, a community, five children who just want to say “I love you” to their mom one more time.

“I would ask her to tell me I love you because I miss the people I love forever. And I would just tell her wherever you are, no matter where you are, we miss you and we will miss you forever,” she said.

FOX4 reached out to the Wyandotte County District Attorney's Office to inquire about this deal, the reasoning behind it, and their response to the family's disappointment over what they believe is a lenient sentence for murder. We have not received a response.

As for Caballero, despite her anger over the verdict, she is happy that he is in prison and says they can finally grieve.