Kelly Cheese went viral on TikTok this weekend

Hello, idiots.

The show had quite a weekend. They did a live show in Wisconsin, made it back home after some flight delays, and it was Father's Day, so all the dads on the show (well, all the men except me) were busy celebrating, or the others were busy celebrating their dads. Before anyone asks, yes, if you want to send me a Father's Day gift to make me feel included, I'll take it.

One of us, however, arguably had the biggest weekend, and by biggest, I mean in numbers, because Kelly posted a little TikTok that's quickly getting not so small. As you all probably know, Kelly has two pets: Shadow and Muffin. Shadow the cat likes to bring little critters into the house for Mama Kelly as gifts, which is so sweet of Shadow, but not a great gift (especially since there's no receipt included).

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That's exactly what this video shows, and if there's one thing people love to see, it's animal mayhem. Oh, and a pretty justified freak-out courtesy of the one and only Kelly Cheese.

It seems that Shadow managed to get a baby bunny into the house and Kelly was responsible for carrying the thing out as it struggled and tried to get away (which I can't blame her for; bunnies aren't used to being in the air). Then a baby muffin started chasing the bunny as Kelly managed to get the thing outside. This is an old video but the internet doesn't need to know that 😉

It's 12 seconds of chaos. At the time of publication The clip has been viewed almost 200,000 times.

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