Former Bachelorette star unrecognizable on viral TikTok: “He’s a keeper”

Former star of TThe Bachelorette Timm Hanly was caught doing a Q&A session at LA Pride and the video quickly went viral as people praised him for his relaxed attitude and open-mindedness.

The former reality star, who appeared in Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette in 2019, and then Bachelor in Paradise The following year, he was interviewed by someone on TikTok. The video now has over 1.6 million views and the host captioned it, “More men like him, please.”

When he said he was heterosexual and the moderator asked him what he was doing at Pride, Timm explained that he was on a family holiday.

“I've got a wife and kid, you know what, we just came here from Australia, it's our second day here in America, and we just stumbled upon it by accident and I'm just here for the vibe, that's all,” Timm said. “We absolutely love it!”

The interview with Timm Hanly at LA Pride has received over 1 million views. Photo: TikTok

The interview with Timm Hanly at LA Pride has received over 1 million views. Photo: TikTok

When asked if gays can throw a good party, Timm explained that he was a huge fan. “Oath, one hundred percent,” he said. “Nobody really does it better.”


When asked what he would do if a gay guy flirted with him, Timm grabbed the mic and took the lead. “Oh, I like that,” he said. “I think if I'm walking down the street and a gay guy looks at me and goes 'hmm,' that's just as good as a girl looking at me. That counts. That's just as good for my ego as a hot chick looking at me, you know what I mean?”

The TikTok was met with thousands of comments. Some people recognized Timm, others praised his relaxed attitude.


“That's healthy, confident and proud masculinity,” one person commented. “Biggest, fattest, longest dick energy!!,” said another. “WAIT!! Is that Tim from the Aussie Bachelorette?!” one person remarked, and another said, “Australians know this guy is on The bachelor hahahaha.”

“Tim is here for the ice cream and to boost his ego and frankly he's right to be,” said another. “He took the mic to spout FACTS, he's a total hit,” commented another.

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