Brandon Aiyuk TikTok will not influence 49ers' contract extension talks

Brandon Aiyuk sent the part of the internet used by 49ers fans into an uproar on Monday when he posted a video on TikTok appearing to show him telling Commanders quarterback Jayden Daniels that the 49ers have informed Aiyuk they no longer want him.

There are some assumptions that can be made from the video—most notably that Aiyuk is talking about the 49ers—but as far as Aiyuk's future in San Francisco goes, it's still much ado about nothing.

Let's pretend he's talking about the 49ers in this video and that the team has delivered this kind of message.

There are a few things to consider here.

First, this conversation between Aiyuk and his former teammate at Arizona State was filmed. There's also a reason it was posted online. It was to provoke a reaction from fans, as negotiations are likely not going well, as the 49ers notoriously wait until training camp gets closer before making any real progress on a contract.

Second, it's hard to believe that the 49ers told Aiyuk outright that they didn't want him. They may have told him they didn't want him at an astronomical price, but it's impossible to believe that they seriously told one of their best players that they no longer wanted him on the team. That's also the opposite of everything anyone from the club has said publicly.

If Aiyuk was told outright that the 49ers don't want him, that's more of a negotiating tactic by the club than a change of heart by the club regarding keeping the All-Pro WR.

Most of it still follows the usual negotiation formula. Aiyuk has not requested a trade (or it has not been made public) and his social media still contains photos from his time with the 49ers. These are two crucial components of the player negotiation formula that have not yet been implemented.

Instead, Aiyuk launched a more aggressive attack on social media, eschewing the symbolism of hiding photos and going straight for the throat.

It managed to freak out a portion of the fan base. It's hard to fathom that the video has any impact on the 49ers front office and their stance on the amount they want to pay Aiyuk. Chances are the two sides will come together sometime in late July or early August, as we've seen with previous deals.

Until then, we'll have to cling to whatever scraps of negotiations come to light. These will likely all come from Aiyuk's social media. They will all provoke a reaction, but are unlikely to make a difference when it comes to actual contract negotiations.