Arrest warrant: Woman arrested for kidnapping allegedly attacked two police officers

(COLORADO SPRINGS) – A woman arrested for kidnapping and assault faces additional charges after she allegedly kicked and attempted to bite two police officers who were taking her to jail.

According to arrest records, 35-year-old Linda Guest was arrested on June 10 after she and another woman, 24-year-old Joseary Arizmendi, were identified as suspects in connection with the kidnapping and assault of a man and woman that reportedly lasted several days.

The arrest warrants against Arizmendi state that she and Guest were responsible for holding the two victims at gunpoint on Saturday, June 8, and taking them to another apartment in the same complex near the Hancock Expressway. They then beat the victims with the pistol and a baseball bat for up to two days.

Guest was arrested in connection with this case on Monday, June 10. During her arrest, she allegedly injured herself before attacking two Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) officers. Arrest documents state that Guest injured herself while in police custody by slamming her head into several walls and the police car she was taken in.

Guest then allegedly refused to cooperate with officers while she was being detained at a CSPD substation by laying down on the ground in a holding area and refusing to move. Officers attempted to subdue Guest and get her to cooperate, and during this time she kicked one officer in the legs and another in the pelvic area and attempted to bite both.

According to CSPD, none of the officers were injured in the altercation, but arrest warrants indicate that Guest appeared to be trying to hurt the officers, as she repeatedly threatened to bite and kill them.

Arrest documents also state that Guest was believed to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Hospital personnel who observed Guest agreed that she was likely under the influence of drugs due to her croaky and unintelligible speech, increased aggressiveness, and constricted pupils.

In addition to the charges Guest faced during her initial arrest, including kidnapping, first-degree assault and aggravated robbery, she is now also charged with second-degree assault for attempting to harm both officers during her arrest.

Guest is scheduled to appear in El Paso County District Court on June 21.