The White House claims that recent viral videos of Biden are actually “deepfakes”

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Monday condemned a series of viral videos showing President Joe Biden appearing “confused” as “deepfakes.”

Jean-Pierre referenced viral videos of the president's recent trips to Normandy, France, and Puglia, Italy, but did not describe them in detail. Biden made headlines for several gaffes during those trips, including his apparent difficulty sitting down at a D-Day event and another incident in which he appeared to lose his way during a skydiving demonstration. Full footage of both incidents can be obtained from the nonprofit cable channel C-SPAN.

During a press conference on Monday, a reporter asked Jean-Pierre about the White House's response to “edited” videos in which Biden appeared “particularly frail” and “confused.”

They are being done in bad faith,” Jean-Pierre said of unspecified videos of Biden from those trips. “That says everything we need to know about how desperate the Republicans are here.”

She also pointed out that some of the viral clips were heavily edited and therefore did not accurately portray the president.

“Instead of talking about the president's performance in office – and by that I mean his legislative achievements, what he was able to do for people across the country – we see these deepfakes, these manipulated videos,” Jean-Pierre said.

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Biden, 81, continues to face scrutiny for his mental and physical fitness. In a speech last week about why the November election is “not about age,” First Lady Jill Biden declared that President Biden and “the other guy are basically the same age.”

“This election is not about age, because Donald Trump is 78 and Joe is 81,” she said. “You have two choices. My husband Joe, who you all know, who has integrity, who is strong, who is steadfast, who is a leader, who is smart, who is full of energy, or you have chaos.”

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