Convicted murderer dies in British Columbia prison of apparent natural causes

A convicted murderer serving a life sentence for the premeditated murder of his business partner has died in a British Columbia prison.

David Anthony Lowe died on June 13 of apparent natural causes, according to a statement Monday from the deputy director of the William Head Institution, where Lowe was serving a sentence for the 1994 murder of William Rudy.

Lowe and Rudy were co-owners of the Rumours nightclub in Port Coquitlam, BC, when Lowe struck Rudy in the head with a sledgehammer, killing him, according to testimony at his 2004 trial.

The court found that Lowe had left Rudy's body in a wooded area near Agassiz, but the remains remained undiscovered for more than two years.

The killer evaded prosecution for ten years but was brought to trial after boasting about the murder to undercover police officers posing as members of a criminal gang.

In court, Lowe denied any involvement in the murder and said his statements to undercover investigators were false and based on fear, a desire for recognition and potential financial gain.

According to court documents, Lowe was born in England and came to Canada in 1975.

The Canadian Correctional Service said police, the coroner and Lowe's next of kin had been notified of his death.

The prison service will investigate the inmate's death itself in accordance with its protocols, the authority said.