Landon Donovan goes viral with terrible hairstyle choice

Landon Donovan Hair

US soccer icon Landon Donovan is still popular with American fans. The same cannot be said about his hairstyle these days.

Donovan is a co-commentator for FOX's coverage of the European Championships in Germany this summer and appeared on camera just before the France-Austria match on Monday. What Donovan had to say was secondary because the only thing that stood out was his hair.

A failed comb-over? A totally botched buzzcut? The worst bald head anyone has ever seen? No one knew what to make of it.

Based on the actual video of his TV appearance, Donovan may have styled his hair to look a little thinner from the front. Unfortunately, it kind of falls apart as soon as he turns his head.

Maybe the World Cup final two years ago really took its toll on Donovan. Whatever the case, maybe it's time for him to put it behind him.