Neon Films wants you to call serial killer Nicolas Cage

Nic Cage was always there for you when you needed him most. He was the familiar face who always showed up on time, whether in a silly little B-movie or to steal the Declaration of Independence. He's an action star, a voice actor, and the father of many pets. But his next role is that of a serial killer, and that's not something Cage tackles often, aside from his revenge killings.

Cage plays the lead role in Long legsthe upcoming horror film from Neon, plays the aforementioned serial killer who is hunted by the FBI after a series of brutal murders.

While Neon mysteriously and meticulously reveals little details about Cage's serial killer, not much else is known about his role in the film, which makes it even creepier, so why not go into it even more and scare you in the comfort of your own home?

Long legs' Official social media pages have released a phone number that fans can call if they want to hear “The Man Downstairs,” which sounds a lot like a serial killer version of Nic Cage. You can dial 458.666.4355 to hear it.

If you're too scared to invite Cage's serial killer into your brain using your own phone, you can listen to the recording below.

Is a phone call too scary for you? You must be a millennial. There's also an early noughties-inspired website that launched this week (as viral marketing) that aims to help you reconstruct Longlegs' brutal murders. Click if you don't mind being spooked by plain HTML.

Long legs will be in theaters on July 12th.