White House calls viral videos on Biden’s age ‘cheap fakes’

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre angry about the viral clips circulating on social media, often selectively edited to portray the President Joe Biden look senile and call them “cheap fakes”.

“There seems to be a kind of flood of videos that have been edited to make the president appear particularly frail or mentally disturbed. I wonder if the White House is particularly concerned that this seems to be a pattern that we're seeing more and more,” a White House reporter asked during Monday's press conference.

“Yes. We, and I think all of you, have called these 'cheap fake videos', and that's exactly what they are. They are cheap fake videos,” Jean-Pierre began, quoting from a WashingtonPost Headline from last week.

“They are done in bad faith. And some of your news organizations have been very clear that these right-wing critics of the president have a credibility problem because the fact-checkers have repeatedly caught them spreading misinformation and disinformation,” she continued, adding:

And that's how we see it, and that's coming from your part of the world where they call them cheap fakes and misinformation. And I quote the Washington Post where they wrote about it and said that Republicans are using misleading videos to attack Biden within 24 hours. And to their credit, we have a conservative Washington ExaminerShe also called on the ^ “New York Post: The New York Post”.

Ironically, in several cheap fakes, the president is actually being attacked for thanking the troops. They're attacking the president for that, both in Normandy. That happened and again in Italy. And I think that says everything we need to know about how desperate Republicans are here. And instead of talking about the president's performance in office. And what I mean by that is his accomplishments in the legislature, what he's been able to do for the American people across the country. We're seeing these deepfakes, these doctored videos, and it's being done with bad intent once again.

The GOP account that distributed many of the clips, “RNC Research,” responded to Jean-Pierre's comments by posting, “Karine Jean-Pierre is HUGELY ANGRY that we are sharing unfiltered, unedited, publicly available clips of Biden in public. (We will do more.)”

Watch the clip above.

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