Viral Hit Episode 11: Hobin reveals the Comedy Crew while Bomi is pursued; release date, plot spoilers and more

Hobin, Snapper, and Gauel have decided to take on the Comedy Crew after their prank injured Bomi in the last episode. However, Hobin's bluff to intimidate the crew ended in failure, and now he's facing his first battle against multiple opponents. Fans can only speculate how Hobin's fate will turn out, so don't miss the episode when it drops with more information. Read on to find out Viral Hit Episode 11 release date, expected plot, and more.

Viral Hit Episode 11: Release date and where to read

Viral Hit Episode 11 is scheduled to premiere on Thursday, June 20 at 1:00 am JST. For international viewers, this equates to a daytime release on Wednesday, June 19 at around 4:00 pm GMT / 9:00 am PT / 12:00 pm ET.

Japanese viewers can watch the episode on Fuji TV, a leading anime platform in the country. Fans outside Japan can watch Viral Hit Episode 11 on Crunchyroll shortly after its initial broadcast in Japan, but a subscription to the Crunchyroll platform is required to watch.

Plot spoilers for Viral Hit Episode 11

Episode 11 of Viral Hit will be titled “My Heart Hurts” or “A Heavy Heart” (胸が苦しい) depending on the translation. The Comedy Crew's fear of Hobin now turns to amusement, and they are seen laughing at Hobin before attacking him. However, Hobin remains unfazed as his body is padded from his intimidation tactics.

He will attempt to retaliate with a calf kick, but will be ambushed from behind in Viral Hit Episode 11. Realizing he needs a tactical advantage, Hobin maneuvers himself into a narrow alley to isolate his attackers before managing to land another calf kick on one of them.

Overwhelmed by pain and Hobin's intimidation, the fight takes a positive turn when Gaeul takes her female member hostage. Pumped up by the adrenaline, Hobin realized he craved more of such exciting challenges. The incident led to Comedy Crew being exposed and resigning from Newtube to direct videos.

Hobin's channel skyrocketed to 210,000 subscribers while Gaeul got a break from her bullying. In the final part of Viral Hit Episode 11, Bomi is chased by a traditional Korean wrestler. She is about to face the man as well, but is quickly saved by Munseong.

Summary of Viral Hit Episode 10

In Viral Hit Episode 10, titled “A New Enemy,” Hobin, Gaeul, and Snapper watch the Comedy Crew's successful prank videos with a mixture of admiration and envy. Suddenly, the Comedy Crew shows up and makes fun of them before leaving. Snapper then explains the risks involved in creating such content and how complicated it can get.

Hobin receives a message from Bomi and rushes to the hospital. There, she finds that she injured her ankle during a prank by the Comedy Crew. They scared her with a fake snake, causing her to sprain her ankle. When she was almost hit by a car, the Comedy Crew was more concerned about the footage than her safety. Bomi tells Munseong about it just as Hobin arrives.

Excited and determined to confront the Comedy Crew, Hobin, Gaeul and Snapper track them down at school. Snapper expresses doubts about the authenticity of the Comedy Crew's videos in Viral Hit Episode 10, but Hobin decides that exposing them is not enough. Rumi then offers to make a scripted video with Hobin, but he declines, insisting on authentic content.

Rumi teams up with the Comedy Crew for a fake spilled coffee video. When they threaten to expose Hobin and edit a video that makes him appear to be a fraud, Rumi refuses. They threaten to expose her in front of her fans if she doesn't cooperate, but Rumi quickly turns the tables by revealing that she secretly filmed them with Hobin's phone.

With this proof, Hobin appears and gives Rumi a high five. He then tries to intimidate the comedy crew with his height, but his bluff is called when he trips, revealing the high heels and padded jacket he wore to this intimidation. Viral Hit Episode 10 ends with Hobin demanding his shoe back, fearing the worst.

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