Joe Biden allowed Rachel Morin murder suspect to enter the country – her blood is on his hands

The arrest on Friday of Victor Martinez Hernandez, the illegal immigrant accused of raping and killing mother of five Rachel Morin on a hiking trail in Maryland, marks the conclusion of another bloody episode for which President Biden bears full blame.

This “cannot be allowed to happen,” thundered the sheriff of the state where the crime took place: “Victor Hernandez did not come here to build a better life for himself or his family.”

Damn right.

Authorities arrested Victor Antonio Martinez Hernandez and charged him with rape and murder. Tulsa Police Department

Hernandez, a suspected murder as he fled his native El Salvador, crossed the border in February 2023 and spent the following months wandering around the country until his path crossed with Morin's.

Then? Alleged rape and murder; the destruction of a family.

And all this because Biden opened the border on day one of his existence to appease the left-wing nutcases who dictate Democratic national policy.

When Hernandez entered El Salvador, he was not only wanted for murder – he soon became the prime suspect in a brutal burglary in Los Angeles.

In other words, he is exactly the one whose illegal entry was 100% acceptable to Biden's open border freaks (according to Franklin Foer's book).

Remember, Hernandez was here on purpose.

Rachel Morin
Rachel Morin, a mother of five, was allegedly raped and killed on a hiking trail in Maryland. Facebook/Rachel Morin

The Biden administration did everything it could to encourage lawlessness at the border – and the influx broke one ugly record after another, causing damage as far away as New York City and Boston.

Yes, Biden has now offered a belated “crackdown” – but it would Despite it take in almost 2 million illegal immigrants every year.

But even The has been proven to be a complete fake and there is no real evidence that it deters anyone.

And if Biden really came to his senses and restored the border policy that kept the United States safe under his predecessor (or even his old boss!), he would Despite it We ourselves are responsible for Morin's death, for countless other crimes committed by migrants and for the profound wave of social destruction it has unleashed.

These are many horrors that cannot be undone.

And, finally at least feigning To be serious, Biden has tacitly admitted that every drop of innocent blood shed as a result of the refugee crisis he caused is his.