Millennial defends Generation X on the Internet – “Don’t poke the sleeping bear”

Generational conflicts are a constant on social media, especially between Generation X and Generation Z.

Whether it's differences in work ethic or phone usage, another area of ​​contention is parenting. A recent TikTok post by a Gen Z member declaring Gen X the “worst generation” prompted Darian Opher of Baltimore, Maryland, to come to their defense.

Opher – a millennial raised by a Generation X mother – told Newsweek she wanted to contribute to the discussion from a comedic perspective.

“When I saw the video on my FYP [For You Page]I felt it necessary to add my two cents and educate the young lady on the dangers of irritating the Gen-X bear,” she said.

In the video, Opher said that Millennials are finding it “increasingly difficult” to protect Generation Z and that “even when they talk about Generation X, Millennials are very careful about what they say, and that's because they raised us.”

To prove her statement, Opher told an anecdote from her school days.

Screenshots from Darian Opher's viral TikTok. After a Gen Z member claimed that Gen X was the “worst generation,” Opher jumped to the generation's defense on TikTok.


“If I did something wrong in school, my classmates would tell their parents (who are Gen Xers), and their parents would tell my parents,” she said. “And then I'd be in danger of being lectured and beaten by 20 different sets of parents. The last people to discipline me would be my own.”

Generation X, those born between 1965 and 1980, is often referred to as the robust generation due to character traits such as resilience and adaptability.

Insights from Dentsu X in August 2020 found that many Gen Xers grew up as “latchkey kids,” returning to empty homes after school due to their parents’ work. This may reflect their strong sense of independence and self-reliance.

The branding and marketing company also highlighted Generation X’s adaptability and crisis management skills during the pandemic.

Generation Xers, commonly referred to as the “sandwich generation,” are experienced caregivers of both children and aging parents, which the study found puts them well-equipped to handle stress.

One TikTok user commented on Opher's video: “Generation X was labeled 'babies raising babies.' We were kids and teenagers raising our Gen Y brothers, sisters and cousins. We had to grow up before our time.”

Referring to Opher's comment in the video that “Generation X is the last generation that actually knows how to fight with their hands,” another user said, “As a 36-year-old millennial, I'm still scared of my Gen X mom because I know she's not afraid to throw her hands.”

The reaction on social media was unexpected, but Opher said Newsweek that she was very happy to show support to her mother, who was her “biggest inspiration”.

“I owe much of my strength, intelligence and humor to her,” she said.

One Generation X TikToker commented on the video: “Generation X was created with an empathy switch with two settings… on and off. Don't ever force us to flip that switch.”

Opher's final word on the subject was directed at the Generation Z creator who sparked the debate.

“In response to the young lady with the pink hair and to the other members of Generation Z who don't seem to understand that free speech, while constitutional, always has consequences,” she said.

At the end of the video, Opher advised Generation Z to leave Generation X alone.

“They're crazy for a reason, okay? They've been through a lot of shit, but millennials have been through a lot too, although not as much as Generation X. Leave them alone before they kick your ass too.”