'Who's Gonna Tell Them': This Viral Insta-Reel of Besties Has Turned the Internet into a Matchmaker

We all know the classic movie line, “Ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte.” This statement seemed to resonate online, especially after a random Instagram video featured two best friends. Artist Vibhor Adnani decided to put this notion to the test by taking spontaneous photos of couples on the street. When he came across a man and a woman together, he asked them if they were a couple. Their answer? A resounding no – they were best friends.

Adnani was curious and started a conversation with them. He found out that they had been friends for two years and had met by chance at a gym. Their first encounter was amusing: the woman asked him to sniff her coffee and tell her how it tasted. Both revealed that they were unmarried, to which the woman teased, “He will get married soon.” This led to a playful exchange about the man's difficulties in finding the right woman. When asked why they never dated, they said, “The friendship is too good to ruin it with anything else.”

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The film ended on a heartwarming note, showing their strong friendship.

However, the comments section was awash with speculation, with some users turning into matchmakers. One said, “Believe me they love each other, they're just unsure about the future or afraid of ruining the friendship.” Another commented, “The guy is clear that he wants to marry her but the girl only likes him as a friend and won't let him go… this is really sad and a shitty relationship.” A third predicted, “Guys these two people are going to marry each other.”


Others defended their friendship and urged people to stop judging them. One user noted, “Indian society is not ready to accept such friendships.” Another added, “I have seen people ruin good friendships because they misunderstood the chemistry between them as something to be pursued as romantic love. But often it is just love for the supportive, caring people they are and the easy friendship they provide. May they always remain this wonderful pair of friends.”

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