Legendary tigress ‘Maya’ from Tadoba National Park wows internet with ‘Royal Wave’ in viral video – Republic World

The legendary tigress “Maya” from the Tadoba National Park waves to the tourists | Image: Instagram: pixelindetail

Wildlife photography often gives us moments that become memories and leave us mesmerized by the surreal beauty of the click. And in this series, a recent viral video is doing the rounds on the internet. This video was shot in Tadoba National Park (Andhari Tiger Reserve) in Maharashtra and it has taken everyone by surprise. The man behind the camera in this video was photographer Nikhil Giri who managed to capture this moment that people don't see very often. He photographed the famous tigress of Tadoba National Park, Maya, waving to the tourists.

In this viral video, a tigress is seen drinking near a water body in a dense forest. And then she notices that the visitors are looking in her direction, and in response, she raises her paw and starts moving it in a gesture that looks like waving.

Watch the viral video:

Nikhil posted the viral video on his Instagram account and added the caption, “Quenching her thirst and waving royally at us. Z captured this majestic moment at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve.”

The video was viewed more than 105,000 times and received over 100,000 likes. In the comments section, people shared their reactions to the video.

User reaction to the video:

Giri shared the video on social media and it quickly went viral. It was viewed over 1.6 million times and a flood of reactions followed. Comments poured in from all corners of the internet with users expressing their amazement and delight.

“Tiger also helps the cameraman to get perfect shots.”

“Not 'his', but 'her'… that is the legendary Mayan tigress.”

“What a moment!! The perfect reward for a photographer’s patience.”

“Simply incredible! What a magnificent creature.”

“That’s why I love wildlife photography – it brings such rare and beautiful moments into the world.”

Also known as the Queen of Tadoba National Park, Maya is an attraction for all photographers and visitors. And this recent video adds another touch to her legendary status, showcasing the grace and wonder of nature.