The video showing the water being diverted from the AC to the radiator is ‘Jugaad’ at its finest. It is viral

When temperatures soar in summer, air conditioners and coolers become indispensable. A recent video that went viral on the internet shows an ingenious way to tackle the widespread problem of water leaks from air conditioning units.

The video shared on X shows a clever installation involving an air conditioner on the first floor of a building. The video shows a man pointing to a pipe that runs from the air conditioner. This pipe runs through the building and into an air cooler on the ground floor. By redirecting the leaking water from the air conditioner to the cooler, the installation ensures that the water is used efficiently and does not cause any damage. The cooler uses this redirected water to create cool air and provide relief to the residents on the ground floor.

The post reads, “This is Elon Musk,” highlighting the ingenuity behind the solution. The video’s caption adds, “India is not for beginners,” emphasizing the concept of Jugaad.

Watch the video here:

This creative solution has gained popularity on the internet and many admire the simplicity and effectiveness of this desi hack.

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Published by:

Srimoyee Chowdhury

Published on:

June 17, 2024