UIC student's controversial speech goes viral and triggers online backlash

In a post on social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), a US student reportedly from the University of Illinois at Chicago referred to America as “cancer” during a college speech, drawing strong reactions from internet users.

As seen in the video originally shared by @MEMRIReports, Mohammad Nusairat, a Bachelor of Science student, said: “America is the cancer. America, the American government, secularism, democracy – these are the cancers. That have spread their disease all over the world.”

“Now Muslims have had enough of this cancer. They have had enough of the American government. They have had enough of democracy. They want a new way of life,” he continued.

Numerous reports state that Nusairat made these comments back in May, but since the article was published, the video has already been viewed over 3.8 million times and received over 30,000 likes.

Student faces online backlash

Several social media users of “X” sharply criticized the student for his hate speech.

One X user wrote: “His scholarship and student visa (if he has one) must be revoked immediately.” “We don't want anyone in the US who hates our country. Leave and never come back.”

Another X user expressed a similar view, writing: “If they cannot adapt to the American way of life, to its laws and rules, those who do not feel comfortable in the USA 🇺🇸 must be deported to the countries they came from.”

One X user commented, “Go somewhere else,” followed by another comment, “Then leave the United States.”

Another X user asked the question to the student who is still studying in the country. The comment read: “Why would someone who is sick of America live in America?” Similarly, several other X users wrote: “Then why are they there!!,” and “Why are you living in a western society? What's stopping you from moving to Iran or any other Muslim country? There are 46 of them to choose from. Bye.”

One X user tagged the university in his comment, writing: “You should be ashamed, @thisisUIC, for allowing speakers like this into American universities. Truly a disgrace.”

Published on: Monday, June 17, 2024, 14:37 IST