Netizen goes viral after booing HYBE's Bang Si Hyuk during his performance at Weverse Con

It was certainly a shocking idea.

An internet user goes viral after posting a performance at the recent Weverse Con Event.

The poster for the event | Verse

Among the performers on June 16 were JYP Entertainmentfounder JY Park who shocked internet users with a huge setlist that included collaborations with HYBE Artist.

One of the surprising collaborations was with the founder of HYBE Bang Si Hyuk.


One netizen made a name for herself after sharing her reaction to the performance. She booed Bang Si Hyuk and JY Park on stage and it seemed like some around her did the same.

When the tweet was shared, it quickly went viral as internet users couldn't get enough of the reactions to the two founders on stage together.

Bang Si Hyuk is not in a good position with many fans, especially in connection with the recent feud with WORSHIP, among others. While it is unclear whether the booing was widespread, the internet user certainly attracted attention.

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JY Park's surprising collaboration with several HYBE idols at Weverse Con – including founder Bang Si Hyuk