Chahat Fateh Ali Khan releases second version of viral song

The song was filmed with a new model and also features Chahat, who can be seen dancing in the video

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan gestures in the video for the song “Bado Badi 2,” which was released on June 16, 2024. — Screenshot via Facebook/Chahat Fateh Ali Khan

Viral internet sensation Chahat Fateh Ali Khan has released Bado Badi 2the second rendition of his viral song on the first day of Eid ul Adha today.

The song has been shot with a new model whose name has not been mentioned in the credits and also features Chahat, who can be seen dancing and gesturing in various snippets in the video.

The track was released on his official Facebook and Instagram accounts.

This development came after the first rendition of the song in question by the singer – whose real name is Kashif Rana – was removed from the popular video streaming platform YouTube due to copyright infringement.

Before its removal, the song had reportedly been viewed over 28 million times on the platform.

The track, which also became meme content with the audio file being used in numerous posts, circulated on various social media platforms and was received with mixed reactions by netizens.

His work has had a diverse impact on Internet users, some of whom have used it as a source of entertainment and laughter, while others have often been annoyed by his unusual sense of style and music.

Earlier this month, Chahat had called for the release of Bado Badi 2 and a film called “Sabaq” (Lesson).