3 useful rules for passengers

We often use taxis to get from A to B, but there are certain rules that everyone should know. A viral video on social media shows a passenger explaining important driving practices to a driver. This video has been widely shared and has been viewed by over 50 million people so far.

In the video, a woman is sitting in the taxi, who, despite not wearing a uniform, appears to be the taxi driver. A passenger approaches and asks where the taxi driver is. The woman asks where he is going and he replies, “Sher Shah.” She agrees and says the fare is 800 rupees. The passenger says the fare is too high, so she agrees to reduce it by 50 rupees. As she starts driving, the passenger soon asks her to stop. She immediately stops and asks if everything is OK. Realizing that she is a novice driver, he gives her some advice for her own well-being.

Lesson 1: If there is only one man riding, he should sit in the back. Only women should sit in the front and only if absolutely necessary.

Lesson 2: Don't turn around to talk to the passenger. Speak while looking in the mirror and confidently maintain eye contact.

Lesson 3: Always ask for a higher fare first and let the passenger negotiate. You know that the fare to Sher Shah is at least 1200 rupees, but you agreed to give me a lift for 750 rupees.

After learning her lesson, the taxi driver gets emotional and says, “You have taught me a valuable lesson in life. It doesn't matter if you don't give me a single rupee.”

The video has garnered 3 million likes. It is part of a popular movie that viewers appreciate. After watching the video, comments poured in. One user praised him as a good man and said our country needs more people like him. Another admired him for raising a strong daughter. Someone else suggested we should follow his example. Another commenter noted that he is fulfilling the responsibilities of a father.

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