Triston Casas tells the story of his father's arrest at a Little League game

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS – APRIL 16: Triston Casas #36 of the Boston Red Sox gestures after hitting a double against the Cleveland Guardians in the second inning at Fenway Park on April 16, 2024 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Triston Casas is on the road to recovery from a rib injury. (Photo by Brian Fluharty/Getty Images)

In honor of Father's Day, Triston Casas was asked about his own father and the lessons he passed on to him over the years during ESPN's broadcast of the Red Sox-Yankees game on Sunday.

The Boston first baseman did not disappoint, telling a wild story about how his father was once arrested during one of his Little League games.

The drama began when Casas – barely six or seven years old – started crying on the bench because he did not want to play in defense with the rest of his team.

“One day I came out and came back to the dugout crying (expletive), and that's what a six-year-old does; he sits on the bench and cries and he doesn't want to go out when his team is playing defense,” Casas recalled during a live interview with ESPN in the fourth inning. “So my dad, being the dad that he is, came into the dugout and tried to teach me the lessons that he had taught me in his own unique way. He actually grabbed me by the shirt, dragged me to the line and kicked me onto the field, Looney Tune style.

“And actually, one of my best friends, who I went to high school with, went on to play professional football. His mother actually called child protective services and had my father arrested on the field. Seriously, no joke. I see my father driving away in a police car, getting arrested and spending the night in jail.”

As chaotic as that day on the diamond may have been, Casas emphasized on the show that he had learned an “extremely valuable lesson” from the whole ordeal.

“I had a responsibility to my teammates. I had a responsibility to my coaches, to the parents who came out that day, to all the fans who were at that Little League game to go out there and do my best, no matter how I felt on the bench,” Casas said.

“No matter what I went through that day or whatever little difficulties I felt when I came out, I apply that every time, because sometimes I just want to sit on that bench when I come out and I want to cry and scream. But that's not how baseball works.”

Casas has been on the road to recovery for nearly two months after tearing cartilage in his rib cage in late April, but he is already making significant progress.

According to Julian McWilliams of The Boston GlobeCasas has begun swinging the bat again as he recovers – and hopes to be back in Boston's lineup by the start of the team's series against the Marlins, which begins July 2.

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