Daughters marry in ICU of a Lucknow hospital to fulfill their ailing father's wish | Viral News

A hospital in Lucknow organised a wedding in an intensive care unit to fulfil a patient's wish to witness his daughters' wedding. Watch the viral video!

Wedding in the intensive care unit in Lucknow | Image: X

Lucknow: A hospital in the Indian state of Lucknow organised the wedding of two daughters to fulfil the wish of their ailing father. Mohammad Iqbal was admitted to the hospital in critical condition as his daughters' wedding date approached.

While Iqbal was in the intensive care unit, his daughters decided to fulfill his wish and see them married. A Maulana performed the daughters' wedding ceremony in the intensive care unit of Era Medical College.

Wedding in the hospital

A video of the wedding ceremony that took place on the hospital premises has gone viral on social media. The video is captioned, “A hospital in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, has organised a wedding in the ICU to fulfil the wish of an ailing father to witness his daughters' wedding.”

Viral video

The video shows the two couples exchanging their marriage vows in the presence of their father. The couples and Maulvi are seen in the intensive care unit wearing medical gowns.

The hospital administration gave permission for the wedding to take place. The family was asked to ensure that the wedding ceremony was carried out promptly so as not to disturb other intensive care patients.

Iqbaal and his family are reportedly from Mohanlalhganj, a village in Lucknow, and the grooms live in Mumbai.

The video went viral on X (formerly Twitter) and was viewed more than 15,000 times. Netizens showered blessings on the newlywed couple. One user said, “God bless both the couples.” Another wrote, “MashaAllah SubhanAllah 🙌.”